ココナッツボール2個セットスプーン付き Original Coconut Bowls & Wooden Spoons : Set of 2

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スプーン、お皿 2個セット
ハンドクラフトのココナッツボール 100%ナチュラルの素材をお楽しみください。
スムージー、アイスクリーム、シリアル、フルーツ、サラダ、デザート オーガニック、ナチュラルな魅力を最大に引き出すアイテム
ボール 直径 12-14cm 高さ5-7cm
スプーン 14cm

Material: handcrafted coconut shell & Indian Rosewood (Sono)
Finishing: 100% natural & vegan safe, virgin coconut oil
Bowl diameter: + 4.5-5.5 inch / 12-14 cm
Bowl height: + 2-3 inch / 5-7 cm
Spoon length: 5.5 inch / 14 cm
Perfect for: smoothie, ice cream, cereal, fruit, salad, dessert or anything you can think of (even beauty accessories and home decor!)

In the package: 2 original coconut bowls & 2 wooden spoons


Eating out of a coconut bowl brings you one step closer to experiencing the taste of nature. It’s all about slowing down, savouring the moment and finding rejuvenation.

All our coconut bowls are handmade from reclaimed coconuts from our neighbourhood farms, by our local artisan families. Each bowl is unique with its own shape, size, colour and pattern. No two coconuts are the same in nature, which is why they are all uniquely different. They are reusable, easy to clean, and make your food looks even more beautiful.

Our spoons are handmade from reclaimed Indian Rosewood (Sono).

Indonesia is the world's largest supplier of coconut, and every year billions of coconut shells are discarded. By turning coconut shells to various handicrafts, we hope to help recycling and giving these beautiful products of nature a new home ♥